The quick guide (coming soon!)

We are working on putting together extensive guides for to help you explore some of the most popular, nutritional and simplest herbs, fruit and veg to grow. As we develop these guides we'd welcome your input on what you'd like to see, so let us know

Flowering herbs and salads

For the new farmer, this guide is for you: best case you have yummy herbs and salad stuffs; or if it goes a little wrong flowers (mostly edible) instead!



Legumes and root veg

Packing a nutritional punch, tough and versatile. Go on, give them a try….

Salads & best of the rest

An eclectic mix of the everyday items (like salads, spinach, and sprouts), to the trendy (wheatgrass, kale and microgreens), to the outright fun (zucchini, lemongrass, hops and mushrooms), and more...

Fruits (and veg)

Taking the scientific definition – seeded veg included –enjoy all things bright and juicy.