I need your help!

It’s been a while. There’s a few reasons for that: work travels, exploring new places (ahead of a possible move) and the associated gardening setbacks. When I travel I am lucky enough that friends offer to come and water plants. However, that’s often not quite enough, so a few two-week trips later and the plants are suffering. I expect the next few months to be similar. So, I need your help! 

Urban Farmerly was always meant to be just that, a family of likeminded folks. I’d therefore like to ask any of you interested in contributing to post on our Facebook page. What are we looking for? Well, all sorts really, but how’s this:

Articles, photos…. content basically, showing:

  • Your urban farm, especially those growing in small spaces (indoors, windowsills, balconies etc.). 
  • Urban farm ideas you’ve seen, or read about (like the snaps below). 
  • Your produce, and especially any tips and recipes you have for enjoying your harvest! 
  • Your thoughts, feelings, comments on the urban farming movement, including the roles of technology (e.g. hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and any other ‘ponics you can think of!). 
  • What you’d find helpful to see on the site and the page… 

That should get us started. I’ll go first! The last few weeks I’ve been traveling around Japan, in Tokyo I once again visited the famous Tokyu Hands store and saw how the hydroponic home kits were coming on. The Japanese penchant for innovation and creative use of small spaces always inspires. In other parts of the country I saw more traditional approaches, including many roof gardens as I zipped by on trains, or a whole gardening market dominating the centre of Sapporo; less focus on edible things there, but the orchid display was something else! 

So what have you seen lately that inspired? What have you been (trying) growing in your urban farm? What have been the good eats? 

Can’t wait to hear more from you, and even though Ranulph doesn’t look excited, trust me, he is! 

Feed me.... or at least just post something on the Facebook page! 

Feed me.... or at least just post something on the Facebook page!