Hello, I like fresh food. In fact, nothing tastes better than produce you've grown yourself. My dog Ranulph agrees, although he doesn't much like getting his paws dirty. 

I grew up in England, in a family where we grew our own food. That never left me, even if work took me to the city, first London and now Singapore, where I have lived for the past four and a half years. I'm now getting back to my roots - pun intended - having decided to do what I love as a job: growing stuff as an urban farmer!

Along with practical tips, tricks, advice and discussion about all things urban farming, we'll be experimenting too. Among other things, I've grown Gambian cashew trees, Australian jacarandas and Malaysian passion fruit in a south London apartment, and spinach and various European herbs using aquaponics and my angry Siamese fighting fish in Singapore. I welcome your input and suggestions as the experiments continue. 

Hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I do...